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Monster Eats

With every horror classic comes those who take these iconic images and create ways for fans to experience the horror again and again. Most commonly created are collectibles, but those certainly aren’t the only things available. Many museums, art, haunted houses, and restaurants have been created. Yes, even restaurants that get the Wolf Man in your stomach growling exist to preserve this legacy of horror.

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Monster Merchandise Must-Haves

Monster lovers don’t despair – just because Universal Horror was in its prime decades ago doesn’t mean there still aren’t plenty of ghoulish goodies to sink our claws into (all cheesy puns intended). Many online stores, such as Big Bad Toy Store, offer tons of Universal Monster merchandise from figurines to stuffed animals to backpacks. If you’re an avid collector like myself, check out this list of monster merchandise must-haves.

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Basic Facts and Information:

Before delving into all the gory details about an organization, band, company, or movie star, it’s important to first learn the basics, right? Well, the same goes for the Universal Monsters. Jumping into this abyss of terror can be overwhelming if you don’t know who played what monster or which movie came first.

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