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Dress in Fright With the Universal Monsters

Want to declare your monster love with those who live outside of your house of horrors? No, you don’t need to carry around any of your collectibles to do this because many clothing brands, such as Rock Rebel and Monsters Universe are selling fully licensed Universal Monsters t-shirts and accessories, so monster fans all around the world can proudly don them.

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Monstrous Controversies

The 1920s – 1960s weren’t exactly the heydays for movies filled with murder and gore. When horror films started being produced, people were revolted at a murder scene that today’s generation wouldn’t even blink at.

The Universal Monster movies faced backlash for its “racy” content when released. Scenes were cut, lines were changed, and some films were banned altogether. Fortunately, some of the scenes that were cut have been restored, but many remain lost.

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