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The Munsters: One big monster family

Fans got a taste of what Universal Monsters comedy films would be like thanks to Bud Abbott and Lou Costello, but have you ever wondered what it would be like if the monsters were one big ghoulish family?

Universal Studios must have wondered too, because in the ’60s they produced The Munsters – a family full of characters influenced by the Universal Monsters.┬áSince Universal Studios produced the show, they were able to use the monster makeup and design for the characters. Other studios could make a Frankenstein monster, werewolf, or Count Dracula of their own, but not with the same styling created by Jack Pierce because it’s under copyright.

The father, Herman Munster, was inspired by Frankenstein’s monster. The mother, Lily Munster, was inspired by the Bride. The grandpa, who is always just called “Grandpa,” was inspired by Count Dracula. The son, Eddie Munster, was inspired by the Wolf Man. And the niece, Marilyn Munster, was inspired by, well, a normal person. There’s even an uncle who pops in resembling the Creature and the Phantom.

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