About Me

Welcome to my Universal Monsters blog, your source for all things that go bump in the night. I’m Brianna, your fellow monster lover. Six years ago, when I was a teeney, tiny freshman, I was given an assignment to do a presentation on Dracula. That day, my eyes were opened to the spooky world of monsters. Since then, I’ve devoured all the movies, books, and magazines I could find while filling my room with more Universal Monster merchandise than I’ll ever need. Now I’m here to share my love and knowledge with you.

Besides my obvious monster obsession, I love to crochet (or try to crochet, I should say), listen to creepy rock n’ roll, dress in all black clothing at all times, and collect dolls, snow globes, and you guessed it – Universal Monster merchandise. Shocker, right?

The purpose of this blog is to inform readers about the golden age of monster movies when horror wasn’t all about blood and guts. I want to take my readers back to the chilling Universal Horror era where all it took to frighten audiences was a look deep in the eyes of the monster. Universal Studios has created some of the most iconic monsters known to the world from Frankenstein’s monster to Dracula to The Wolf Man.

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