Monster Magazines

Countless amounts of Universal Monsters merchandise are available so any fan can line their shelves. Decorations are great to look at and create any room into a ghoulish haven, but what is their depth? What can you learn from them?

Monster magazines offer readers in-depth articles on all of their favorite creatures, along with glossy, high resolution photos that can be cut out and used as a decoration. Below, I’ve included the top horror-themed magazines any monster fan should know. Each magazine contains articles on monsters, movies, television, merchandise, and much more. Check them out.

1.  Famous Monsters of Filmland is the first horror magazine to be created. A man named Forest J. Ackerman started the magazine in 1958 as a way to showcase and spread his love of horror. Monsters new and old are featured in every issue, so any horror fan will find something they like. Since its creation, Famous Monsters has come out with over 200 issues (now one issue is produced every two months), secondary publications, and its own comic series.

From the website:

Famous Monsters of Filmland will define horror for today’s fans. Horror can be found on line, on television, in books, in comic books, in movies and in role playing games – and we will cover it all. Famous Monsters of Filmland will feature monsters that were first found in oral histories from Grendel all the way through the cautionary Japanese tale of Gojira. We’ll cover the creators who have reinterpreted those ancient legends for modern day audiences in addition to those who create new thrills and chills.

2. Rue Morgue is a Canadian magazine that was launched in 1997 by Rodrigo Gudino, and has since come out with over 100 issues featuring horror culture and entertainment. A new issue is produced every month, with the exception of February. A dedicated fan base surrounds the magazine through their online community called Rue Mortuary. Every year, they hold a festival called Rue Morgue Festival of Fear in Toronto, and they even have their own film company called Rue Morgue Cinema.

3. Much like Rue Morgue, Horrorhound magazine also holds it’s own horror-themed event called Horrorhound Weekend where a number of venders and celebrities attend. This year, various actors from Alien, Terminator, The Monster Squad, and more are scheduled to attend. Horrorhound Weekend will happen in multiple cities, so check out the website for more information.

From the website:

HorrorHound™ includes vital information pertaining to merchandising of all the twisted movies we love. Speaking of merchandise, HorrorHound™ will cover news on the production and availablity from the vast world of licensed horror collectibles including comic books, model kits, costumes, masks, novels, soundtracks, games, action figures and whatever else the genre can stand. Not to mention interviews and making-of features on great companies producing these must have gems. On top of all this, HorrorHound will strive to present fans with a home, hosting a number of exciting contests, allowing readers to view custom Halloween costumes, horror tattoos, letters and fan artwork to be featured in each issue of the magazine.

4. Monters From the Vault was created in 1995 and is one of the only magazines that features only classic monsters, such as all the Universal Monsters. Monsters From the Vault is only published twice a year, but well worth the wait if the classics are your favorite. The next issue is set to be released this month.

5. Other magazines worth checking out: Freaky Monsters, Scary Monsters, Undying Monsters, Monsterpalooza, and Monster Bash.


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