Monster Eats

With every horror classic comes those who take these iconic images and create ways for fans to experience the horror again and again. Most commonly created are collectibles, but those certainly aren’t the only things available. Many museums, art, haunted houses, and restaurants have been created. Yes, even restaurants that get the Wolf Man in your stomach growling exist to preserve this legacy of horror.

Burger King in Niagara Falls, Ontario. Picture courtesy of s.o.f.t. on Flickr. Licensed under Creative Commons.

Niagara Falls in Ontario, Canada offers a unique eating experience – a Burger King with Frankenstein’s monster eating a burger on top.

While this Burger King isn’t meant to scare, mortals better beware of what’s next door. Connected to Burger King is The House of Frankenstein, a haunted house maze complete with all of your horror favorites – animated wax figures, creepy music, a Frankenstein Theatre, and graveyards. Many of the Universal Monsters are included in this attraction, along with other ghoulish creatures who are sure to send you jumping through the air.

Monster Cafe photo courtesy of Still Burning on Flickr. Licensed under Creative Commons.

If you think the Burger King and Frankenstein’s monster mixture is cool, then you’re going to love what Universal Studios Florida has in store – a cafe exclusively featuring the Universal Monsters! Once you step inside, you’ve been transported into Dr. Frankenstein’s laboratory. Here is where you can order food, such as salads, chicken, pizza, spaghetti, and the like for $6 to $8. Desserts are also available for around $3.

Once your food is ordered, there are a number of themed dining rooms including Dracula’s Mansion, The Bride’s Chamber, The Mummy’s Tomb, the forest of the Wolf Man, The Creature’s Lagoon, and a Spaceship dining area featuring This Island Earth. Each room is decorated to look like that specific movie – Dracula’s Mansion looks like a castle, The Creature’s Lagoon features a Creature figurines in large aquariums, and much more.

A smaller building that offers Universal Monster gifts is connected to the cafe. The Wolf Man, Frankenstein’s monster, and The Creature stand and rotate on top, while they each hold a different food item. So, plan a trip and visit these attractions where any Universal Monster fan is sure to feel like they’ve stepped right into the movies.

Monsters on the roof. Photo courtesy of Lall on Flickr. Licensed under Creative Commons.


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